Garage Epoxy Floors

Using our epoxy direct to concrete is designed to work well with most flake combination. Adhesion to concrete is stronger than the concrete it is stuck to. When choosing your epoxy color is important to see your garage condition before committing to color of choice.

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Metallic Concrete Coating (lava)

Decorative metallic epoxy coatings are for interior use with 100% solids floor system. There is no two floor alike, it has a unique smooth reflective finish with endless creations.

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Industrial Epoxy Floors

Our industrial epoxy system application is made to last where strong durability and chemical resistance are desired and needed. This is ideally suited for floors found in showrooms, commercial kitchens, laboratories, and much more.

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Custom Epoxy Coatings

an epoxy garage flooring can be a garage transformation to durability, elegance looking flooring. There are different choices that you can decide on, depending what your ultimate goal is. Either is your home or your commercial shop, you will definitely see the difference of your concrete floor vs your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy coating is a combination of an epoxy resin and a hardener. This makes a very strong bond between the two and is chemical and stain resistance. Easy to clean up as well. The more layers in between makes it last longer. As strong as it may be, moisture could a factor since it can pulled up without the proper vapor barriers for your concrete. Adding a topcoat on top of your epoxy is strongly recommended since this helps with tire pull ups issues.

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