Epoxy Floor Installation

Epoxy Floors

Custom Epoxy Coatings has been providing epoxy garage floor installation for customers in Orange County and Los Angeles Counties since 2009. Our specialties include residential and commercial, restaurants, garages, outdoor and indoor patios, warehouses, car dealerships, schools, stores and even airplane hangars! We aim to offer you the best flooring installation service from a trustworthy and professional flooring contractor who understands epoxy flooring and promises professional results.

Sometimes we get confused with epoxy paint and actual epoxy applications. Epoxy paint is a one component application, compared to epoxy applications that are a two components. Epoxy resin and a hardener. Even the concrete is different from section to section so you need to know the type of epoxy application best for your needs. Either is a simple coating, flakes, mortar flooring, polyaspartic coating, 3d compositions in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, commercial and in many more settings.

Epoxy floor coating is one of the best flooring solutions for residential garages and commercial warehouses for many reasons. First, epoxy flooring keeps the space virtually dust free. There is very little maintenance needed to keep epoxy floors beautiful. Mostly a dry dust mop with a little bit of spot cleaning with a mild neutral or ammonia based cleaner is all that is needed to keep your epoxy flooring in pristine condition.

Epoxy floor coating also dresses up a space and gives a clean and professional appearance making it one of the best flooring options for commercial and residential spaces. It is durable, water resistant and when a urethane or polyurea topcoat is applied it becomes highly chemically resistant. 

So, why not give the best epoxy flooring installer in Orange County, Custom Epoxy Coatings, a call at 949-200-8067. We would be happy to provide a free estimate on your next residential or commercial epoxy floor coating project.

Epoxy Floor Flakes
Epoxy Floor Flakes

Using our epoxy direct to concrete is designed to work well with most flake combination. Adhesion to concrete is stronger than the concrete it is stuck to. When choosing your epoxy color is important to see your garage condition before committing to color of choice.

Metallic Lava Flow Epoxy
Metallic Lava Flow Epoxy

Decorative metallic epoxy coatings are for interior use with 100% solids floor system. There is no two floor alike, it has a unique smooth reflective finish with endless creations.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Installation

Our commercial epoxy system application is made to last where strong durability and chemical resistance are desired and needed. This is ideally suited for floors found in showrooms, commercial kitchens, laboratories, and much more.