Resurfacing Countertops


Resurfacing Your Countertops

Countertops Resurfacing can be a way of giving your home the lift it needs without the cost of adding new counter tops to update the look of your kitchen, bathroom counter tops. By resurfacing with an epoxy coating on your countertops will give a long lasting look for years to come. With all the new technologies available today, updating the look of your kitchen or bathroom counters can be a very cost effective way.

Custom Epoxy Coatings can help to provide different resurfacing options for you. Depending on what you have today, either granite, marble, quarts, slate, we can suggest what will work best for your countertop surface. Epoxy concrete countertops are becoming very popular at home today, it’s the 21st century preferred or to resurface your countertops with an epoxy metallic lava flow look that everyone will want to have, giving that concrete look as well.

If you are on a budget or looking to market your home but don’t want the added expense of installing expensive stone, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our cutting edge epoxy metallic lava flow can make your counter tops look like works of art! By applying either one or two colors of metallic epoxy to old tile counter tops we can create the depth, movement and added warmth that even natural stone can’t always achieve.

Resurfacing your counter tops with epoxy can give your kitchen what it really needs, a new look. And, all this can be achieved without removing your current counter tops, turnaround of a day or two. Amazing are the results that you can achieve without breaking the bank!

Call Custom Epoxy Coatings today for the best solution to replace or resurface with a new epoxy coating installation on your countertops. Let us install beautiful new epoxy counter tops in your home today.

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Polished Granite Countertop
Polished Granite Countertop

Maintaining your Granite Countertop

Giving your countertop a good cleaning and polished can add a few more years of countertop life! As soon as you see white around the faucet it’s time to act.

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